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Private Chef for dinner party in Irvine CA
Private Italian chef in Irvine CA
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Private Chef for dinner party in Irvine CA

At The Branded Chef, we offer the Professional IN- Home Fine Dining services in Irvine CA. We will handle all chores, including cooking and serving, while you relish a gourmet meal. Our chefs are trained to offer a 5-course meal, including wine pairings with ingredients sourced from local farms, to provide you with a unique experience that is personalized just for you. Our chefs have an unparalleled knowledge of food and preparation that enables them to make sure every dish meets your needs without fail. We provide our customers with a convenient personal chef service at their convenience.

Our Mission

To deliver quality services and delicious food to ensure that all your events surpass expectations through our best in-home fine dining services in Irvine CA.

Our Vision

Our passion is to be the destination for the professional in-home fine dining services in Irvine CA.

World’s Best Private Chef in Irvine, CA

The Branded Chef is the leading private chef company offering the services of a private chef in Irvine CA. We are more than just access to a curated collection of the world’s best chefs. We are the people who own kitchens, run restaurants, and create incredible dishes. We believe that dining should be exclusive. That’s why we curate private dining experiences with some of the most celebrated chefs from around the globe, all in one place. Both food and travel enthusiasts can tap into our curated database of over 300+ private dining experiences in multiple states around the US. Our exclusive private dining events can be tailored to your budget without compromising quality and fun. For foodies, we are the ultimate gourmet meal of luxury and culinary magic.

Broad Network & Personalized Menu

Each private dining experience is unmatched because of the wide network of the best ranchers, culinary craftsmen, and wine specialists managed by our private chefs. Our entire pipeline of the world’s best private chef in Irvine CA, is dedicated to organizing memorable moments that range in type, location, and size; all you need to do is find a personalized menu according to your specifications.

Private Italian Chef in Irvine, CA

The Branded Chef is a deliciously easy way to get your food on. You’ll find that our private chefs and dedicated concierge team will make your next event just as memorable as the first one — providing delicious food and luxury wines that will leave you feeling spoiled and pampered at the same time. Our private Italian chef in Irvine CA, take care of all the details so that you can relax and focus on having an amazing celebration! We are more than just lunch services — it’s The Branded Chef, your private catering service. We always strive to onboard the chefs with great ideas and are ready to get started but won’t know where to start.  

Mediterranean Cuisines!

We offer a wide variety of sample Italian menus to personalize your event or an intimate gathering. We have award-winning cooking styles with a Mediterranean flair that will be a meal you will never forget. Whether you need catering in California for a big corporate event or want to hire private Italian chef in Irvine CA, The Branded Chef is your go-to luxury option in Irvine for mouthwatering food. Call us for further queries!

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What We Offer

We are a company of highly trained culinary experts who will ensure that your special occasion will become the most memorable one in history. We offer the best in-home fine dining services in Irvine CA, to help you throw the best party- from catering to plated dining to full buffet components.

We are a company with a passion for authentic Italian food and an obsession with quality. Our food is prepared with top quality and fresh ingredients in Irvine CA
We manage all events, from business meetings to marriage ceremonies. We are regional steak and seafood experts that provide the most complete and customizable menus with our professional IN- Home fine dining services in Irvine CA.
Our professionally designed menu options allow you to have delicious, mouthwatering hors d’oeuvres for your next event, no matter the occasion! We offer delicious and unique hors d’oeuvres which are sure to be well received by your special guests.
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Prices vary based on package, location, and client needs.
Restaurants are costly, and we save our customers time and money by bringing amazing dining experiences to their homes.
It depends on the food and the size of your group.
Fine dining is when a trained chef prepares and cooks meals for you in your home. We are known for professional in-home fine dining services in Irvine, CA.
How It Works

Why do we have a chef for private party Irvine CA?


We offer customizable, delicious, and nutritious insights for your personal or business needs. Save money and time by enjoying the benefits of professional cooking from the convenience of your home.

Memorable Experience

By combining great service, quality ingredients, and culinary styling, we have developed a system that helps clients to have a beautiful, memorable meal experience.

Private Chef for Dinner Party in Irvine, CA

The Branded Chef provides a private chef for dinner party in Irvine CA, to take all the stress out of planning a dinner, cocktail party, or wedding. With experienced professionals from the best restaurants in the US, we’ve created something unique. Our team of experienced and dedicated chefs will curate a menu just right for your occasion to help you save time prepping. At the same time, our amazing concierges will handle all the essential details – as well as take care of any last-minute surprise or emergency. Get in touch, and let’s plan your next gathering! as we’re small enough to keep up with trends yet still big enough to explore new culinary experiments – perfect for the foodies out there!

Time-Saving & Cost-Effective Private Chefs

The Branded Chef is a time-saving private chef platform that provides access to an exclusive, professional private chef for dinner party in Irvine CA. Whether you’re on a tight budget or want an authentic experience your guests will be talking about for years to come; we can help you gather with greater ease. We are the best choice for anyone who wants to host a romantic dinner or enjoy a cooking masterclass with friends at home. Call us now!

Chef for Private Party in Irvine, CA

The Branded Chef delivers intimate, personalized cooking experiences that are perfect for when you’re hosting a major dinner party. You work alongside our team of professional chefs to create your dream menu or event from scratch that aligns taste with your budget and style. From the latest risotto to French-inspired dishes, our chef for private party Irvine CA, is open to your requests and offers professional culinary services. The Branded Chef explores creative ways to bring the culinary elements of thought-provoking cuisine that we love for home dining without compromising on quality. We started with birthday parties with very simple menus, like cupcakes and croissants, but have grown into much more elaborate events. We’ll take care of all the prep work, including shopping and cooking, while you play host.

One-Stop Shop

We strive to be your one-stop shop for any event. The Branded Chefs specialize in transforming any gathering into a lavish, unforgettable destination for all. Our professional chefs can provide an array of specialties, from the savory to the sweet, to make your event truly memorable. As a team, The Branded Chef never disappoints by always offering the best experience. Our chef for private party in Irvine CA, can create an unforgettable food experience for you!

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